Architect and Owner

He graduated at the University of Florence in 1992 and immediately began his career as an architect opening his own design office in 1993. Born and raised in Cortona, the ultimate art town, Paolo trained and learned this profession in Tuscany. He had the chance to live abroad for family reasons when he was young and this contact with places rich in culture allowed him to become interested in painting and sculpture. This opportunity led him to develop a particular sensitivity for arts and architecture. Passionate for handicrafts, he has always been working together with carpenters, ironmongers and other artisans to draft his design projects in order to combine the actual design with the construction phase itself. Since the early 2000s he is specifically involved in sustainable architectural projects where he mixes innovation and tradition respecting the environment.




He is one the "oldest" collaborators as he started working at the design office in 1995. He was awarded a technical degree as surveyor at the Istituto Tecnico per Geometri of Arezzo and is responsible for renovations, surveys, expert reports and cadastral procedures and paperwork.




After her graduation in Architecture at the University of Florence in 1995, she immediately started working at the design office. She deals with the design of new buildings, the restoration of existing buildings and interior design.




He is the artist of our design office. Architect and painter, he graduated at the University of Florence in 2007. In 2008 he started working with the team and he mainly deals with architectural design, 3D modelling, rendering and graphics. We used some of his paintings for several interior design projects.





Where we are

Via Antonio Gramsci 62/Z, Camucia
52044 Cortona (AR) – Italy
Tel.: 0575 1596960

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